About Us

The purpose of the American Black Welsh Mountain Sheep Association is to advance the public’s knowledge and use of the purebred Black Welsh Mountain Sheep. By promoting the identity and versatility of these animals, we hope to conserve and protect this rare breed. We invite you to research this relatively new breed to North America and find out how this hardy ruminant can fit into your agricultural goals. You can contact us at webmaster@blackwelsh.org


  • President – Jerry Jones, Rockbridge Farm
  • Vice President – Steve Sands
  • Secretary-Treasurer – Oogie McGuire, Desert Weyr, 970-527-3573, registrar@blackwelsh.org

Board Members

  • Laura Hlusko
  • Vacancy
  • Val Fiddler
  • Kendra Jones Mabon
  • Vacancy
  • Vacancy
  • Tim Wyman
  • Steve Sands

Newsletter Editor – Val Fiddler. Please email submissions for the newsletter (articles, photos, classified) to newsletter@blackwelsh.org

Web Master – Jacqueline Harp.